• Soaring Features

Web Based Interface

Our user friendly interface gives you the ability to design an email the way you want it to look! The simple formatting toolbar makes it easy to style your test, align copy, check spelling, upload graphics, and add links.

Template Gallery

There's no need to recreate the same message every time you want to send an email. Simply save your design in the Template Gallery where it's ready for your next email.

HTML Editor

This feature will give our advanced users more control over the look and feel of their message. With the ability to update the HTML, you can add features that are otherwise not available.


Add specific fields into email templates, such as first names, for a personalized touch.

Plain Text & HTML

Not everyone can receive emails containing images or various font styles and colors. To accommodate all recipients, you can create an email in plain text or in HTML.

Preview Emails

View what your email will look like before you even send it out.


It's your e-mail! The ClearSender logo will never be automatically inserted in emails for paid accounts.
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